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B+AA is a small-sized boutique architectural firm located in Wellington, Western Cape - with satellite offices in Pretoria, Gauteng & Ballito, Kwazulu-Natal.

We are a network of designers, architects, interior architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and an array of highly skilled construction specialists.

We provide solutions and services within the built environment & natural systems that sustain us!

Company history.png

Barnard & Associated Architects Ltd. was founded in 2012 and is renowned for its idiosyncratic architecture, in which realizations and theoretical projects stand side by side.


The projects are direct, spatial, and firmly rooted in architectural theory. The firm reduces architecture to its very essence and most original form: a limited set of basic geometric rules is used to create a framework within which life unfolds in all its complexity.

Since its establishment, B+AA has earned its reputation in South Africa as one of the most un-traditional practices, one of the country's truly versatile architectural practitioners in present-day architecture.


B+AA engages in all architectural and urbanist design, creating projects of all scales ranging from furniture pieces, private houses, offices, mixed-use developments, and urban developments to landscapes and public spaces, nationally and internationally.


This practice is combined with academic research and teaching.

These two aspects of B+AA's work are explicitly each other’s mirror, creating unexpected parallels between academic and practical work.

Our Thinking & Approach.png

All of us are thinkers and builders.

Our projects range in size from furniture pieces, private houses, offices, mixed-use developments, urban developments to landscapes, public spaces, buildings and objects.

We combine a holistic, information-based & systemic design approach with human-scale design sensitivity and focus on the end-user experience.

We believe that buildings and cities must create a lasting positive impact on people and our living planet.

We aim to create a lasting social, economic and environmental impact with each individual project.

Our search for better software...

Early on in the business, B+AA, like most architectural firms at that time, relied on CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) to create their drawings.  But he soon recognized its shortcomings.


CAD drawings were a flat, 2-D approach.  Often, in the building phase, design mistakes became evident.  These mistakes weren’t the result of careless work; they reflected the limitations of the tools.


B+AA embarked on a worldwide search for better technology. After much experimentation, we zeroed in on Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3-D modeling software.

“BIM changed everything,”  We no longer had to interpret complex CAD drawings.  We were able to build our designs virtually and include the finest degree of detail.”

3D Modeling -  a game changer 

Soon we realized 3D modeling not only allowed us to better develop and perfect our designs; it also helped our clients to visualize their homes in a way they never could with CAD drawings and blueprints

"Today BIM 3D modeling is a huge part of what we do - It’s how we present projects to clients.  They can look at the designs on their home PC, Tablet or Smartphone.  The drawings and models are completely transparent and extremely detailed.  They can see everything from the views out the windows to the texture of the tile in their shower."

BIM Image 002.jpg

"We virtually build every element in our designs, so we can truly visualise the proper coordination between systems, architecture, and structure.  Our clients truly understand their design, which reduces costly change orders"

Virtual design -  simplify the process 

B+AA clients appreciated another benefit of 3D modeling; they didn’t need to travel frequently to babysit their projects or make design decisions.  Clients are able to keep up with the progress through the virtual designs.

“The 3-D models allow us to walk clients through their homes remotely, they can see through, around, and above their house, viewing it from any angle.  3-D bridges the distance between the client’s home country and their new project.”

Today, while the architectural industry is slowly changing from CAD to BIM, B+AA has been working in BIM tools exclusively for over a decade.

BIM Image 003.jpg

Unlike other firms, our 3D models aren’t just to sell the project with pretty renderings.  Our designs are completely built virtually for error-free drawings with perfect drawing coordination.

Better technology =  Better construction 

The level of detail in 3-D modeling allows the construction of the home to proceed more smoothly.  No features are left open to interpretation by the builder.  Any design issues are resolved before the shovel meets the dirt.  Builders are able to provide more accurate estimates because they can now understand and visualize every detail.

B+AA also uses leading-edge project management technology.  As a property’s features are refined and design decisions made – whether by the client, the architect, the interior designer, or the builder – the details are added to the model.

Everyone working on the project sees the updates and the client can track exactly what progress is made, providing input as needed.


“The project management software we use is a great efficiency gain, It facilitates communication between everyone on the team and helps us avoid any misunderstandings.  As a result, the building process is faster, more efficient, and a lot less stressful for everyone involved.”

Eco-Friendly Homes

Most of the homes B+AA build are in coastal areas and rural areas.  Proper design is essential to reduce energy consumption in those locations.  The firm prides itself on building environmentally responsible projects, paying careful attention to ecological features.

It uses its 3-D software to generate accurate energy consumption reports in the pre-construction phase.


“Over 70% of the energy expense of a large home is driven by the architectural design,”

“The home’s solar orientation, shading, size and location of windows, and specification of materials that keep the heat out are all design elements we optimize to reduce future energy costs and a home’s carbon footprint.  We believe having the technology to measure a design’s efficiency before construction begins is essential to eco-friendly design.”

Why B+AA.png

Building a home can be challenging.  You want an architect you can trust, and whose work speaks for itself.

B+AA has been designing stunning, environmentally responsible, highly functioning luxury homes for national & international clients for over a decade

Our properties have won architectural honors including the highly coveted International Property Awards, which are among the world’s most prestigious design competitions.

We have a vast knowledge of South Africa’s natural conditions, terrain, construction systems, standards, and materials, acquired over years of experience in complex and varied projects.

Fluent in English and Afrikaans, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you get an exceptional home that exceeds your expectations.  Our use of technology, such as 3-D modeling software and cutting-edge project management tools, allows you to be involved in every aspect of the home’s design.

If you’re considering a custom-built home in South Africa or if you are looking for expert design services for a sustainable, modern, luxury home anywhere in the world, contact us at B+AA

Let us explain the process and answer your questions.  We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful part of the world.

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