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...Thinking of Renovating, or new Build?

Project Scope & Cost Study

Our Project Scope & Cost Study gives you the power to make informed decisions early in the initial project planning stages of your desired renovation or new build.

This Low-Cost Commitment (LCC) approach gives you the edge of steering your
project in the right direction from the start, even with a small budget to begin with...

We believe in our Information-Based Architectural Design Process.

Our Aim – to educate our ‘client’ in making informed decisions throughout
the design and build experience.

You will receive detailed & factual information from both our layout studies,
regulatory organizations overviews, project timeline, & budget sheets


- compiled booklet full of information that can be used by any other designers

  should you not decide to continue with us.


This Low-Cost Commitment approach has the ability to iron out many questions & possible troubleshoots from the earliest moments in the initial project planning stages.

Our Project Scope & Cost Study pricing starts at:

- Geographically dependent -

R 2 500.00 (Incl.)

Paarl, & Surrounding Areas, etc.

R 3 000.00 (Incl.)

Cape Town, & Surrounding Areas. etc.

...What does our Scope & Cost Study consist of?

Will provide you with the following compiled booklet:

B+AA Introduction
Project Inspiration
Site Development Plan
(a)    Layer – Site Plan
(b)    Layer – Typical Floor Layout
        - Existing Structure’s (tbc)
        - Proposed Structure’s

        - Allowable Developing Area’s
(c)    Layer – Project Environment

        - Apparent Constraints
(d)    Layer – Geographical Climatic Conditions
(e)    Layer – Existing Services
        - Sewer System
        - Water System (tbc)
        - Electrical System (tbc)
        - Other (tbc)
(f)    Layer – Servitude’s
Local Authority Building Regulations Overview
Property Title Deed Restrictions Overview
Existing Structure’s Overview
Eco & Sustainability Overview
Typical Project Scope Budget Overview
Typical Project Timeline Overview
Closing Notes

What’s Next…
Contact Us


Call on B+AA today for your properties Scope & Cost Study!

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