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Ross Farms Guest Cottages

Our project brief was made clear and simple, use the existing equestrian stable block for the intended full use of equestrian activities and create a private luxury living area with accommodation that do not interfere with the equestrian day to day.

The existing site is located on the outskirts of Wellington in the Western Cape, still well within the Cape Wineland district, Both the South, and North facing farms are of the equine use. West we have a fully all year round functional vineyard which produces wine grapes.

Mountain views are a prominent point on site, the Elandskloof, Limietberg and Slanghoek ranges reach towards Wellington, where they become the Hawekwas Mountains. It was also key to our design brief to incorporate these mountain views.


Renovation, Residential


Wellington, Western Cape



Design Team

Leon Barnard, Laurie Teunissen





Within the following pictures we turned to what we think was the most important design factor of the project, which was flow, the flow of equestrian riders, the day to day flow of  workforce and their day to day activities, and the most important flow, the horses paths.

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